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Your career is your biggest long-term asset. The days of spending your entire working life with a single employer - who will be responsible for your career, your development, your training, your mentoring and your coaching - are long gone.

These days your career is your responsibility. And that’s great! You can do it much better yourself, and faster, using expert advice and assistance. Longer working lives give bigger returns on your investments in your degree, postgraduate qualification, training and coaching. And not just in terms of money - we need to enjoy our jobs, whatever they might be. The idea of spending our working lives feeling unhappy or unfulfilled is simply unacceptable.

Our clients share these views. Sometimes they find it hard to initially express exactly what they seek, except that they know they need to “move on” from where they are. They want to progress - take more responsibility, make a bigger contribution, fulfil their potential, grow as people, help to develop others, be happier, escape from a longstanding stagnating situation etc.
Example of results our clients have achieved
Design a career path which aligns their skills, talents and experience
Get the perfect job with another employer after a long period of drifting without progress
Win a better job with their current employer
Make a great success of their next appointment
Win a long-desired promotion
Transition into a new role or direction
Our Packages
We offer three packages for Career Coaching
3 months
of Career Coaching Services
Recommended for young professionals and graduates
6 months
of Career Coaching Services
Best for mid-career professionals, experts, functional leaders and managers
12 months
of Career Coaching Services
Ideal for executive level professionals and career transition towards multiple portfolio roles
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